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Pain Relief through Warm Water Therapy

Pain Relief through Warm Water Therapy

Studies show that warm water therapy can help people who have muscular and skeletal problems. If your body feels any pain or stiffness, moving about in chest-deep water can help in curing them. Since water provides your body with support and buoyancy, exerting effort to exercise in water is made easy. Since your muscles and joints move constantly during aquatic exercise, stiffness is reduced.

Reduction of Pain Caused by Arthritis

According to experts, about 43 million people who live in the United States are experiencing some form of arthritis. Fortunately, there are several treatments these days that are focused on reducing the pain caused by arthritis and even preventing any additional problems caused by it.

The Arthritis Foundation released a publication stating that spending time in the hot tub promotes strength and flexibility as your body moves continuously in the water. Further damage to your joints is also avoided with the help of several sessions underwater. To add, it was reported that people who suffer from arthritis benefit the most from water therapy as they are able to move about in the water with less stress. With the help of exercise, our bodies are able to increase endurance and athleticism, making the performance of tasks easier as well. And with all these improved, our self-esteem and confidence to perform tasks improves as well.

The Arthritis Foundation also published a pamphlet that reports doctors and therapists recommend to people with arthritis they can perform physical activities without the risk of feeling pain in their joints. Reports also say that doctors usually recommend to people that they should soak their bodies in a hot tub first before performing doing your daily tasks. For most people who suffer from arthritis, they feel the most pain in the early parts of the morning. But with the help of a hot tub session, you will be able to go about your daily activities easily and painlessly.

Aquatic Exercising in the Comfort of your Home

If you have already experienced the benefits of water exercise, it would be best if you could install a pool or a spa in your own house. Your muscles and joints will be able to exercise and be massaged at the same time even if you are at the convenience of your own home. You can plan out what exercises you do once you decide on the size of your pool or spa.

If your purchase a pool, you will be able to perform routines that would require more movement like swimming laps. On the other hand, spas offer warmth and more relaxing activities where your joints are massaged as you move about in the water. Even if you suffer from arthritis, you can do water aerobics easily and comfortably.