Hello I’m Sally and this is Metaqua.

The name Metaqua means increasing your metabolism using water. It’s not aqua aerobics nor lap swimming, it is Metaqua. It’s a simple design using a pair of fins, kickboard or noodle. Metaqua™ rotates exercises around your body using your legs, arms, side & stomach. The benefit of using water exercise is the low impact “gentleness” of water. Resistance in water is what makes water fitness effective. You can modify the movement of your limbs and hands to have the resistance that best suits you. This results in a full body workout to suit all ages and levels of fitness.

The beauty of Metaqua is it allows you to work at your own pace. It’s noncompetitive, very rewarding and you can leave your hat on!

Metaqua will help you Lose Weight, Gain Muscle tone, Give you more energy and mobility, Increase your Metabolism, Give you a better night’s sleep and Giddy up the Libido.

Metaqua reduces Blood sugar levels, Chronic Pain,Arthritis,Anxiety,Menapause Symptoms

Metaqua relieves Stress, Helps you prepare and recover from Orthopaedic surgery, Helps you get back on track from Sports Injuries

Benefits of the program

We surveyed our clients about what benefits they received from Metaqua™ and these were their top responses:-

  • Covers all levels of fitness
  • Increased mobility, energy
  • Easy program formula
  • Set at your own pace
  • Time efficient
  • Self competitive – self supervised
  • Head remains out of water
  • No age limit
  • Non gender specific
  • No fashion show
  • All shapes and sizes
  • Low impact – no strain on joints
  • Increase resistance in water to increase fitness level
  • Confidence Building
  • Socially Stimulating
  • Mentally Relaxing
  • Peace and quietUse waterproof MP3 player
  • Minimum amount of equipment (Kick Board, Fins)
  • Don’t have to be a lap swimmer
  • Do as a family (Great Fun)
  • Feel free and light, glide weightlessly through water
  • Encourages good eating

If you are interested in teaching this program, licences are now available. Contact Metaqua™ for more information.

No stress – just success!
It’s not just a kickboard and a pair of fins – it’s a kick start!

Fin it away, start today…

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