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Greatly improvs fitness!

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At the beginning of Summer, a friend suggested I might like to try swimming a Metaqua program. I am in my late 40s, and I kept somewhat fit with a couple of bike rides or gym visits a week. However, I was struggling to tone up and struggling with a very sluggish metabolism. While not a very enthusiastic swimmer, I was assured that Metaqua had little or nothing to do with swimming technique or ability. My friend’s enthusiasm won me over and very soon I was hooked too! Two and a half months on, swimming three sessions a week, I cannot believe the results. It feels like a great workout, yet is not stressful in any way. I  am markedly more toned and  I can eat like a normal person (or better) and I have still lost a couple of kilos. Plus, jumping back on a push-bike after a few weeks of Metaqua,  I also realised my fitness levels had greatly improved. What I have enjoyed most though, is a greater sense of well-being. It feels wonderful to jump into the pool for an hour a few mornings a week and do a seriously feel-good exercise program. There are often many laughs and the chance for a natter in the pool while undertaking the program — another incredible plus. To me it seems a perfect program — not load bearing, effective at any speed, less pain with more gain, plus the chance for lots of fun, or alternatively, to ‘zone out’ and quietly enjoy. Well done Sally! I think your program is brilliant. —– Naomi Singlehurst