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Lose Weight Easier with Water Exercise

By August 23, 2012 Latest News No Comments

For most people, a lot of motivation is needed to force themselves to exercise. The conventional routines like jogging or cycling seem to be so tiring so people who plan to do it end up not being able to exercise at all. These days, there is a new substitute for these strenuous physical activities. Several water aerobic programs are being offered to people who are concerned about their health and even those who just want to release stress. Some routines are also available online and may be performed in the comfort of your own home if you own a pool. In terms of weight loss, water exercise helps people lose weight at a much faster pace, as opposed to conventional aerobics and with lesser risk to any injury.

Different Programs of Water Aerobics

Starters may do basic water exercise like walking or running in water. Calories are burned faster when moving about in the pool because of water resistance. Advanced programs include routines that are aimed at improving your cardiovascular system while burning fat and increasing muscle strength. Instruments may also be used such as webbed gloves or water weights in order to increase the efficiency of your exercise. Most exercises are performed in chest-deep water levels. You may strap weights to your limbs and torso while doing exercises like jumping while in waist-deep water. You may also use webbed gloves to add more resistance and lift your arms from underwater to strengthen your muscles.

Health Benefits

In 2009, the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness released a report where the heart rates of several people were monitored while they were doing water aerobic routines. Studies have proven that exercising in water is a great substitute to the usual land exercises that we are used to. Experts established that the increase in heart rate when performing aquatic aerobics met the standards set by the American College of Sports Medicine in terms of loss of weight and improving the cardiovascular wellbeing of your body. Additionally, the buoyancy of water helps in lessening the stress on your bones and joints even if the water resistance boosts muscle strength.

Factors to Consider

If you do not know how to swim, you may want to consider taking swimming lessons together with your water aerobics sessions. Not only will this improve your confidence to be in water, but it will also help you burn more calories in the process. Even if most water exercise routines are done in waist-deep levels, it’s still better to be prepared.

You may also want to consider taking sessions with a friend or partner. Not only will it be more enjoyable, you will also have a buddy who can give you a hand in case something unfortunate happens.