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Advantages of Aquatic Exercise Over Conventional Land Exercise

By August 3, 2012 Latest News No Comments

These days, more and more people are learning about how aquatic aerobics can be beneficial to the body. For this reason, several programs have also been used to exercise the body in water. You can choose different training regimens like swimming laps or even just taking a walk in the pool. Water exercise can both cure chronic pains and improve your cardiovascular conditioning. But before engaging in any physical exercise or routine, it’s still important to get an approval from your doctor to avoid any unfortunate event from happening.

Here are a few of the benefits of water exercise:

•    Reduction of pain in any part of the body; It serves as therapy which assists in the recovery of any injury and even if you are recuperating from surgery

•    Increase in flexibility

•    Lessen stress to bones, joints, and muscles because of buoyancy

•    Well-suited for overweight people who want to exercise but are unable to do so on land because of their weight

•    Cool temperature so your body does not sweat; you are able to exercise more comfortably as the water cools your body and massages your muscles

•    The body is massaged during exercise

•    More calories are burned; Your body becomes more fit with exercise and your endurance, strength, coordination, and agility are also improved

•    Less prone to injuries and stress

•    Lowers blood pressure

•    Exercising in water is definitely more enjoyable; there is a boost in your emotional strength as you are able to release any stress you feel about work or problems

•    Can help your body slow down the aging process and cure certain illnesses

•    You have a chance to meet  new people and catch up with your friends

You may also make use of an underwater treadmill in order to exercise in water. Below are just some of the benefits that your body will reap if you use the treadmill underwater.

•    Because your body is more buoyant when performing underwater treadmill, your full weight is not pushed down and there is lesser stress on your joints and bones.

•    Resistance in water is higher than on land so the exertion of effort comes from the resistance of water when you move your legs. This leads to more calories being shed off as compared to land exercise and this will be more beneficial in increasing your strength.

•    It is more comfortable to use an underwater treadmill as exercising in water cools down the temperature of your body. It is also more fun than the conventional exercises and can even be done by the whole family at home if they own a pool.