Metaqua. It WORKS!

Loving Metaqua, a great excuse to exercise and a great feeling of energy following the classes. Really enjoyable, working at your own pace and level in a very supportive friendly environment. Glad you brought Metaqua to Coffs Sal.

– Vanessa Groot

Metaqua is a fun exercise program that is easy on your body. A program that anyone can do. Sally is great and will modify any of the exercises to suit you.

– Margaret Pleysier

Doesn’t make me breathless, relaxing but obviously doing me good.

– June Camplin


Metaqua is a positive experience in all respects. Flexibility of session times and levels of exertion makes it easy for anyone to find their own pace and program, you only need to look at how happy everyone is to know that Sal has created a welcoming, supportive and non-threatening, uncompetitive atmosphere.

– Maria Skinner

Metaqua is perfect for all age groups, fitness levels and sizes. I enjoy going to the pool to do fitness and leave feeling energised, refreshed and looking forward to next session. It encourages healthy eating; positive thinking and the best choice I made to start doing and have almost become addicted.

– Chelsea Groot

Sally is very friendly and a good teacher, not pushy and keeps adding new routines so we don’t get bored.

– Pat Lyons

Sal gives a gentle way of getting fitter, leaves you amazed at the end of a session to realise how much effort you have done with relative ease.

– Jackie England

Having had a mastectomy several years ago, I find Metaqua is helping maintain full movement of my arm that has been troubled with Lymphedema and reducing the tend to curl my shoulders inwards.

– Jennifer

Having broken my ankle Metaqua helped with the rehab on it. I also have Arthritis in my knee and Metaqua helps with the movement in it.My Doctor also wants me to lose weight and she recommended exercising in the water. I always hated Aqua fitness. I found Metaqua advertised at the pool and since starting I LOVE IT and have since told my Doctor about it Thank you Sally.

– Janelle Palmer

I enjoy exercising in the pool it is fun and easy on my joints, using flippers and a ring is very different to any other type of aerobic swimming.

– Pat Wilson

I have really enjoyed learning Metaqua.It has given me an appreciation of the swimming pool, it is an enjoyable exercise. Being enjoyable means it is easy to keep up.

– Karen Sedgwick

A great way of building strength and lung capacity working at one’s own pace. I have recommended it to my friends. Suitable for all ages.

– Angela

I started Metaqua not being able to kick my legs simultaneously or for any length of time and all my muscles were lacking tone. After 3 months I am kicking strongly, can manage pool laps without a kickboard and am signicantly stronger. My muscle tone is improved – additionally I’ve met others who share my love of Metaqua and now have increased my social network, am less stressed and more relaxed but energised. So glad I found out about Metaqua. Many thanks Sal you provide just what I needed.

– Allana

I just love Metaqua and I can go at my own pace.

– Caroline Toscan

What Other Clients Are Saying

Good exercise, not strenuous, helps my fitness, doesn’t hurt my back

– Lorraine Price

Ease of picking up the program, the instruction was great.

– Carol Keaton

Doesn’t make me breathless, relaxing but obviously doing me good.

– June Camplin


Good instruction in a helpful friendly way. I feel it is doing me good.

– Imgeborg Rugari

Being in the water gives me freedom of movement, works all parts of my body.

– Megan Norris

Work at my pace, keeping my head above water,Metaqua feels fantastic.

– Janeen Pepping

Increased my overall fitness, especially my stiff hips.

– Vienne Hellier

More strength, an increased level of sex life, weight loss, more energy.

– Nica Kesby

It is really helping my Diabetes, weight control, wellbeing. The friendship and support are also very important to me.

– Kimberley Rose

Weight loss, more energy. By being a regular source of fitness, I am improving my health.

– Paddy Cleary

Body feeling better all over, I am sexy again, clears the mind/brain.

– Nigel Wise

I have reshaped my arms, legs and waist,Metaqua has improved my overall fitness and wellbeing, the water is soothing the Metaqua program gives me time to “Zone Out”.

– Helen Jones

General Comments

  • I feel it really works on those parts which need it, plus I don’t always want the hair to get wet.
  • I love the fins and kickboard, I feel more strength in my legs, mentally relaxing, good for de stressing.
  • My flexibility has improved, my energy levels, mentally feel better after Metaqua, more than at the gym.
  • Started feeling better about myself. Natural sniff off – To not crave junk food. Noticed changes most in legs and Butt.


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