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Benefits of Water Exercise

By August 17, 2012 Latest News No Comments

It takes a lot to motivate yourself to exercise. Partner that with the hot temperature during summers, and it gets even harder to push yourself to do physical activities. Because of the heat, we tend to seat non-stop and even have a hard time moving our bodies. A great substitute to the conventional exercises could be water aerobics. It’s a good way to burn fat and have fun at the same time. Water aerobics calls for full body activities like dancing or calisthenics done in the water.

Here are a few advantages of water aerobics:

  • Support and Buoyancy: when you perform exercise routines in the water, the water supports about 80% of your body weight. And because of buoyancy, there is a lesser chance for any part of your body to get injured. Conventional land exercises are also proven to be more stressful to the body than physical activities performed in the water.
  • Increase in Muscular Endurance: Performing water exercise will also increase the muscular endurance and tone of your body. Because of the high density of water, there is a faster improvement in the muscular endurance as compare to the conventional land exercises.
  • Flexibility Boost: The gravitational pull in water is lesser in water. It is for this reason that your body will have more flexibility if you do a lot of water exercises. Even as we grow older, the performance of water aerobics will not be too stressful because our joints can be moved easier in water.
  • Cardiovascular Augmentation: Cardiovascular conditioning is specifically developed with the help of water exercises. Since most routines are done in chest deep levels of water, there is an added exertion in breathing paired with the exercise of your limbs and body. Heart rate is also lower than cycling or running so it is better for the heart as well.
  • Exercising at Low Temperatures: Your body temperature is kept in a cool and comfortable state when you exercise in the water. Not only does your body benefit from water aerobics but your emotional wellbeing is also increased as you are doing something enjoyable and refreshing.
  • Reduction of Calories: Not only does exercise help your body become healthier, your physique will also look better. You can shed-off excess fat and reduce your waistline faster with the help of water aerobics rather than the conventional land exercises. Though exercising in the water is less strenuous to your limbs, bones or joints, your body can burn about 450 to 700 calories per hour.

The duration of water aerobics may be between 40 to 50 minutes per set. It is done in chest deep water and there are basic programs available for beginners or an advanced stage for experts.