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Benefiting my Mind, Body and Soul

I strongly recommend Metaqua which I found to be a holistic programe benefiting my mind, body and soul. My posture improved. Everything to gain but pain. Thankyou Sally.

Judith Cody (NSW)

Lorraine Price. Good exercise, not strenuous, helps my fitness, doesn’t hurt my back

Carol Keaton. Ease of picking up the program, the instruction was great.

June Camplin. Doesn’t make me breathless, relaxing but obviously doing me good.

Imgeborg Rugari. Good instruction in a helpful friendly way. I feel it is doing me good.

Megan Norris.Being in the water gives me freedom of movement, works all parts of my body.

Janeen Pepping. Work at my pace, keeping my head above water,Metaqua feels fantastic

 Vienne Hellier.  Increased my overall fitness, especially my stiff hips.

Nica Kesby. More strength, an increased level of sex life, weight loss, more energy.

Kimberley Rose. It is really helping my Diabetes, weight control, wellbeing. The friendship and support are also very important to me.

Paddy Cleary. Weight loss, more energy. By being a regular source of fitness, I am improving my health.

Nigel Wise. Body feeling better all over, I am sexy again, clears the mind/brain.

Helen Jones.I have reshaped my arms, legs and waist,Metaqua has improved my overall fitness and wellbeing, the water is soothing the Metaqua program gives me time to “Zone Out”.

General Comments

  • I feel it really works on those parts which need it, plus I don’t always want the hair to get wet.
  • I love the fins and kickboard, I feel more strength in my legs, mentally relaxing, good for de stressing.
  • My flexibility has improved, my energy levels, mentally feel better after Metaqua, more than at the gym.
  • Started feeling better about myself. Natural sniff off – To not crave junk food. Noticed changes most in legs and Butt.